EU CRISIS | No More Solidarity

Some words are the property of continental Europeans. You do not hear many Brits or Americans talking about “solidarity”. The expression belongs to the soggy (to Anglo-Saxon minds) consensualism of social market capitalism and to prophets of European unity. What’s happened lately is that solidarity has dissolved. This explains why the euro, and the European Union, are … Continue reading

EU ENLARGEMENT | Serbia coming closer

Serbia took a major step to winning European Union backing for opening accession talks Friday after it reached a deal with Kosovo on regional cooperation and joint border management. EU member states are set to decide Tuesday whether to give Serbia so-called candidacy status, meaning accession talks can begin. That could still leave actual Serbian … Continue reading

GREECE | «Fail is not an option!»

Let’s be honest: if this eurozone did not exist, no one would now invent it. The key word in that sentence is “this”. A smaller eurozone of more compatible, mainly north European economies – a nordozone or neurozone – could probably have weathered the post-2008 crisis of western capitalism, even with Maastricht’s design flaws. Alternatively, … Continue reading


A British MEP has been arrested on suspicion of conspiracy to defraud the European Parliament. Nikki Sinclaire, who represents the West Midlands, was arrested alongside three of her staff, according to Ukip MEP Mike Nattrass. Posts from the 43-year-old’s Twitter account said she “disputes all allegations put towards her or her staff”. She described the allegations as … Continue reading


Europe has endured the pain of layoffs, wage cuts and tax increases designed to bring government debt under control. So where’s the gain? Far from falling, debt burdens are rising fastest in European countries that have enacted the most draconian austerity programs, according to The Associated Press’ Global Economy Tracker, which monitors the performance of 30 … Continue reading


If the people of Scotland use a promised referendum to end the 300-year-old union with England and vote for independence, one result could be the reappearance of the merk, groat or bawbee. These were ancient Scottish coins used long before the current monetary and fiscal union with the UK, and highlight a pressing question to … Continue reading


«China’s willingness to support Europe to cope with sovereign debt problems is sincere and firm.» «China is ready to get more deeply involved in participating in solving the European debt issue. — Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao Wen made these very positive statements at a joint press conference in Beijing on Feb. 14 with EU President … Continue reading


Last June the ECPG was launch to enable all EU Citizens to share & communicate their concerns of this new Europe. In did, Europe and all the EU Citizens are facing overwhelming challenges and difficulties. A political class lost, looking for a path and solutions cannot,still, bring light upon the future. On the other side, … Continue reading