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“The EU will, in the coming decades, face a number of challenges associated with an ageing society. There are three main factors that explain this trend: persistently low fertility rates, increasing life expectancy, and a baby-boom generation that will soon start to reach retirement age.” [EUROSTAT | 2010] The first paragraph (bellow) of the population … Continue reading


A German suggestion to debate once more the creation of an EU constitution won mixed responses on Saturday, with France’s foreign minister welcoming the idea but only nine countries planning to attend a seminar in Berlin. Germany’s foreign minister Guido Westerwelle said on Friday the European Union’s Lisbon Treaty, drafted after Dutch and French voters rejected a proposed constitution in 2005, was not enough to keep … Continue reading

EU Summit | The Fiscal Pact is signed

European leaders have put pen to paper on a new treaty they say will bring the bloc’s debts under control. The so-called fiscal compact, driven by France and Germany, was signed in Brussels earlier by all but two of the EU’s 27 countries. Newly reappointed EU Council chief Herman Van Rompuy hailed the deal. “The … Continue reading

EU COUNCIL | Anti-austerity front grows in Europe

The European Union Council, which begins on Thursday, is scheduled to sign the new fiscal compact. But at the same time, a dozen countries, led by Italy, are contesting the austerity policies imposed by “Merkozy” and calling for an economic stimulus package. French President Nicolas Sarkozy has given the pact minimal support, out of consideration … Continue reading

EU ENLARGEMENT | Serbia coming closer

Serbia took a major step to winning European Union backing for opening accession talks Friday after it reached a deal with Kosovo on regional cooperation and joint border management. EU member states are set to decide Tuesday whether to give Serbia so-called candidacy status, meaning accession talks can begin. That could still leave actual Serbian … Continue reading

GREECE | «Fail is not an option!»

Let’s be honest: if this eurozone did not exist, no one would now invent it. The key word in that sentence is “this”. A smaller eurozone of more compatible, mainly north European economies – a nordozone or neurozone – could probably have weathered the post-2008 crisis of western capitalism, even with Maastricht’s design flaws. Alternatively, … Continue reading