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EU Summit | The Fiscal Pact is signed

European leaders have put pen to paper on a new treaty they say will bring the bloc’s debts under control. The so-called fiscal compact, driven by France and Germany, was signed in Brussels earlier by all but two of the EU’s 27 countries. Newly reappointed EU Council chief Herman Van Rompuy hailed the deal. “The … Continue reading

EU COUNCIL | Anti-austerity front grows in Europe

The European Union Council, which begins on Thursday, is scheduled to sign the new fiscal compact. But at the same time, a dozen countries, led by Italy, are contesting the austerity policies imposed by “Merkozy” and calling for an economic stimulus package. French President Nicolas Sarkozy has given the pact minimal support, out of consideration … Continue reading


Striking the balance between budget austerity and reviving lost growth was the focus as EU leaders met in Brussels earlier for the start of a two day summit. Despite more grim news on the job front – with unemployment reaching a record high in the eurozone – Germany’s Chancellor insisted things were back on track, … Continue reading